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About Me

What makes us, turtles, different than other fans?

Everyone knows that turtles are slow, but I'll stay by your side wherever you go. I'm always safe inside my shell, we're gonna be friends, I can already tell!

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1) Sam is in a polygamous relationship with almost everyone
2) One must say "#dece" and/or "#fordays" and/or #ballface and/or "#awksauce" at least once a day
3) No arguing back and forth, especially about the boys

1) Lucas is a #ballface
2) Cole is always Coleing
3) Turtle Island is a pantsless society

Days of the Week:
Skittles for everyone on Merrigan Monday
Turtle Tuesday
Extreme sassyness/hand on hip at all times on Walker Wednesdays
Harry Potter Colesdays
Louday is a day of napping
Chinese and cheesecake in red jeggings on Samurday
Sanday is candy day