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Somebody had asked why Cole’s nickname is Toby and for whatever reason, the question has been deleted.

It’s something that you would have to ask Cole. Before my house show last February, we asked fans to come up with a list of questions that could be frequently asked, and what all of their nicknames were was one of the questions. At my house show, we asked all of the questions and Cole responded that his nickname is Toby. 


A year ago today, a Facebook group was created. A year ago today, i became the 13th member. A year ago today, this fanbase began to transform into what it is now. Little do a LOT of you know, things probably wouldn’t be how they are right now if that little Facebook group had never been created. I can almost assure you, they wouldn’t be.

As much as i can say that Paradise Fears saved my life, even a million miles more than that, this Facebook group saved my life, too. This one little Facebook group gave me my best friends in the entire world. It gave me the people who made me laugh when all i wanted to do last year was cry. It turned last New Years Eve, one of the worst days on my life, into yelling at Sam about cake pops on a Facebook post that got 500 comments in half an hour. It gave me millions upon millions of memories, both in the group and that i wouldn’t have had without the group.

This post is for the people who looked forward to Friday and Saturday nights last winter, because it meant you got to talk to your best friends and have the time of your life. This post is for The Trolling Turtles, and all the people who wanted to kill us. This post is for the tinychatters. This post is for the people whose conversations turned into fandom-wide inside jokes. This post is for the people who were around when Brittany was the merch girl. This post is for the people who trended #fordays a year ago today, by accident and in less than a minute. This post is for the people who remember the night of The Sam Post, and the people who stayed on hours after freaking out about it. This post is for the people who had to move to Pluto, because the crazy fans of our Paradise Fears cover band that became more popular than Paradise Fears found us in our houses. This post is for everyone who stayed up until six in the morning crying the night Jericho pretended to be Sam and we thought it was Jordan and the guys were all laughing at us. This post is for the people who yelled at “Gunz” for posing as Michael, when it really was Michael. This post is for the people who tried to trend #PF2Brasil and then pretended we were all pregnant with Sam’s children to freak people out because we didn’t want new fans invading and ruining our fun. This post is for the people who squirbled it up, who called Sam “itty bitty”. This post is for Creek Donkey, and the people who fangirled over Adam and thought he was the coolest thing to walk the planet. This post is for the originals. The people who thought it would never change. 

I’ll never forget any of you. I may not remember some of your names, and you may not remember mine, or we may just not talk anymore. but if you were there, i want you to know that i will remember you as a person as long as i live. you were the start of my everything. without you, i don’t know where i’d be. probably nowhere on this earth. Nostalgia of the days when we ruled the fanbase will never stop slamming me in the face, and there will probably never be a time when i don’t wish i could go back. We can’t, but i sure as fuck wish we could. I hope wherever you are, if any of you are reading this, you do too. 

This post is for Simma, and this post is for You Know You’re A Turtle When. 

Here’s to the good times we had; those scores of nights last winter that i’ll never in my life forget.

It’s been one hell of a year, and thank you all for being on some of that crazy ride.

A year ago today, it all began.


Everybody knows the story of Paradise Fears - six guys from a small town in South Dakota decided to make themselves known by following tours and selling CDs, a tactic that helped them get on tours with artists such as All Time Low, The Cab, The Summer Set, Forever The Sickest Kids, and this time around, Go Radio. But how many people know about the people who help behind the scenes? 

We got the chance to catch up with Anthony Najarian, merch guy for Paradise Fears. Check out this interview to find out how he got started in merch, what he does when PF isn’t on tour, and who his favorite Kingdom Hearts character is, and make sure to follow Anthony on twitter! @A_Naj_Fears

I’ve been finding myself at really low points recently, and sometimes it seems like music is the only thing that can get me through it, but I know that there are times when I get numb from hearing the same songs all the time.

On my media site, 8 Foot 4, there is a list of go-to songs when you’re feeling down.

[here’s a link]

If your go-to song isn’t on here, feel free to message me on facebooktweet meput something in my ask boxsubmit it to me or email me at

Make sure to reblog this and spread the word so that this list will continue to grow.

Anonymous asked: wait what shirts?

Back in …… December or January, we decided “we’re so cool, we need shirts!” so a few turtles made designs and we all voted! There’s a link on the side of the page that says “Have you bought a shirt yet?” and that will get you to a page where you can buy one!

Anonymous asked: Are shirts still available?

Of course they are! They were designed by a turtle, but they aren’t sold through us, so they’re going to continue to be sold even when the admins forget all about this group!

you know your are a turtle when….. you see them for the first time and then you learn all the words to sanctuary (including the speech)  home, and last breath,in a couple of hours.

You know you’re a turtle when, you make a twitter being Mr. Anonymous

About Me

What makes us, turtles, different than other fans?

Everyone knows that turtles are slow, but I'll stay by your side wherever you go. I'm always safe inside my shell, we're gonna be friends, I can already tell!

Have you bought a shirt yet?!

Feel free to submit on here, or on the facebook group!
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1) Sam is in a polygamous relationship with almost everyone
2) One must say "#dece" and/or "#fordays" and/or #ballface and/or "#awksauce" at least once a day
3) No arguing back and forth, especially about the boys

1) Lucas is a #ballface
2) Cole is always Coleing
3) Turtle Island is a pantsless society

Days of the Week:
Skittles for everyone on Merrigan Monday
Turtle Tuesday
Extreme sassyness/hand on hip at all times on Walker Wednesdays
Harry Potter Colesdays
Louday is a day of napping
Chinese and cheesecake in red jeggings on Samurday
Sanday is candy day